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The Piglett Co.

The Piglett Co Beeswax Candle Jar - Coconut Lime

The Piglett Co Beeswax Candle Jar - Coconut Lime

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Handpoured British Beeswax with a little coconut oil, in an amber jar.  Contains Coconut and Lime essential oils.  Approx 35 hour burn time.

Additional Info: Beeswax is a very natural wax, and with the highest melting point of all the waxes it burns longer than any other type.  It also cleans the air, being a natural ioniser.  Beeswax, when burnt, emits negative ions which neutralizes pollutants and reduces indoor pollution.  Beeswax candles are also hypo-allergenic, with people suffering from asthma and allergies reporting fewer problems through using beeswax candles (they can also help you to sleep better!)

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